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Meet Bruno

Self-Empowerment Expert and Motivational Speaker.

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My passion and life mission is inspiring women to discover their true POWER and the path to their ultimate joy and happiness. There is more to life than being shackled to the expectations of society and others. There is more to YOU than what you may even realise yourself. I will help you create the abundant life you desire and are so deserving of.


I have witnessed many women around me struggle to be happy or even at peace with themselves and their environment. My own mother fought for many years for her own empowerment, which was a great motivator for me. I believe that having empowered women with equal say in our society is vital to both sexes.


I began my own formal studies into improving the human condition in 2004. Along this path I found that my calling was to empower women. My philosophy is that there is a healthy, ecological way for positive change to occur and that there is so much more to life than most of us limit ourselves to.


Some of what you can expect from me:


  • To learn about what is so special about YOU

  • Empowerment to make the decisions you want to make (and recreating the life you desire)

  • Discovering the PATH towards YOUR joy and happiness

  • A state of harmony

  • Self-love, self-confidence, self-worth

  • Finding and honouring your values

  • Releasing shackles from past trauma and limiting beliefs

  • Tools for change and self-discovery

  • Turning fears into strengths

  • Understanding how to communicate with others more effectively

  • Achieving greater success in your personal and professional goals


What is expected of you:


  • A commitment to change your life

  • Determination

  • A willingness to step out of your comfort-zone

  • Belief

Trust in the song of your heart...that has never controlled or limited...possessed or condemned.

Bruno Alcouffe



“In my darkest moments, Bruno found me and changed my world forever. His uniqueness in conversation, compassion and ability to listen to and to provoke my own thoughts allowed me to analyse my own perceptions and ultimately changed the way I see, feel, think and live! I now know that although darkness exists in our world, there is always light and when you discover how bright you can shine you realise how much you can light up the world. Bright enough to see that you were never truly alone. Bright enough to see where you want to be and how to get there. My light shines ever so brightly today. I am a 'lighthouse' for all to see. How do I know this? I made a choice to change, and in doing so found another lighthouse already shining brightly: Bruno Alcouffe. His light helped me find my own. I am certain he can help you find yours!”



“I sought out Bruno's coaching for relationship difficulties I was having within my marriage after a friend had recommended him.

Bruno's coaching has been life changing for our whole family. His sessions have given me the tools and deep understanding that were needed to help get past our sticking points and help our marriage to flourish. After 12 years into our relationship, my husband and I have been able to use Bruno's insights and tools to connect on a much deeper level, and we are now celebrating each new day together. Thank you, Bruno!”


“I recommend the life coaching services of Bruno Alcouffe because he is a very genuine person and works hard to help you overcome obstacles in your path to success with specialised techniques that you can use throughout your everyday life. I have found it very helpful that he has given me a series of techniques that I can refer to and use whenever needed. You are continuously in a safe environment when you are in sessions, and Bruno is readily dedicated to following up and ensuring his client is on target, sometimes taking calls and texts outside of appointment times. One of the best things about this life coaching experience is that there is no judgment or pity, but continuous support to become the best version of you and to be incredible today and to pursue greatness for tomorrow.”

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