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Once we accept the mechanics behind our decision-making processes it becomes more difficult to dismiss - at least to a certain extent - the direct responsibility we have in designing where our lives are heading. This is a useful realisation because it means we can then take the reins and feel empowered to either keep doing what we’re doing or to make different choices.

This is all well and good only if we can stem the flood of self-criticism and judgement that most of us are afflicted with.

But who could help me to change these detrimental bad habits, you ask? Well, an experienced trained coach, thankfully, will be able to do this easily for you.

Most people are too busy comparing where they are and who they are to others to focus on what they are actually doing themselves. Whether it’s an opinion on what the neighbour is doing to their front yard or what a politician’s foreign policies are, it is a habit that ultimately detracts from the observer’s originally intended MISSION. Also, individuals quick to judge others are likely to experience criticism sent back to them too, especially of the self-directed kind. Remember that the brain will be more than willing to provide you more evidence of what you focus on, so don’t expect your experience to be rainbows and unicorns if your attention is on rainclouds and lightning; if you choose to focus on judgement or criticism of others or of yourself then your internal filters will guarantee you get evidence of that thrust back at you.

Being accountable for your choices – being AT CAUSE (and not ‘at effect’) - without adopting labels of any type, means that you state loudly and proudly that you are taking charge of your life and that you CAN change its direction whenever you choose to. Once you say you are the pilot you must continue from take-off to landing. You can’t say halfway during the flight, “Hang on, YOU fly it!”

Accountability is a commitment to saying goodbye to excuses and, importantly, blaming others or other circumstances. Those things are simply wastes of time and opportunities for experiencing joy and happiness. It’s the green light to taking action NOW.


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