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Recreate yourself

You can re-create yourself.

At. Every. Single. Moment.

You can choose to be who you would like to be RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to choose the old mould. You don’t have to drag the mistakes of the past, the missed opportunities, the guilt. Most importantly, you don’t need to bring the old BELIEFS you despised yet held on so dearly.

You are the blank canvas. Focus on what you are RIGHT NOW. Instead of mixing the same old ingredients into the bowl – the traumas, limitations, pains, regrets, self-recriminations, doubts and other negatives – you can choose exciting, wholesome new ones. How about putting in things you have never experienced before? What about living a little by throwing caution to the wind and including goals and activities no one has even thought of?

You are bare. You are pure. BE who you want to be now. Be original. No need for re-runs. Move city, change the scenery, change your name if you have to but do it NOW. Embrace it and be EXCITED by it. Eat, drink, breathe this new beginning.

And if you don’t like it. Start again. Do it as many times as you need to until you LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Will there be mistakes? Yes, of course. Could there be pain? Perhaps. But those are already in your life. Besides, pain may be slight and will inevitably lead to joy if you embrace your ability to RE-CREATE YOUR LIFE at ANY moment.

So write, draw, paint, BE your new life.

Build it the way YOU would love it to be and do it NOW…


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